#FlashbackFriday Is Fat with Flavor!

And by “fat,” we mean full!  We’re full of flavor!

Of course, we’re supposedly skinny too!

Wrigley’s had this great idea for their product – take an existing pack of gum, make it skinnier, and then put more pieces in the packet. Nine pieces versus seven in the convention pack of stick gum was the order of the day!

And how do you advertise such a product?

Why, shots of gum being pulled out of the package, intercut with footage of 1980s Dancing With the Stars wannabe contestants!

Oh, and there’s a catchy jingle!  Wait till you hear it!

Fat with flavor, and pizzazz!


Sticklets was introduced by Wrigley in 1986, and its schtick was how a gum that was skinny could be so fat with flavor!

Even Cyndi Lauper sang about it!

Upload via DefuntProductAds


So, I’m hard-pressed to find any information about Sticklets, other than their year of introduction.  There’s nothing to indicate when the product was discontinued, but based on its gimmick, I’d say it probably didn’t stick around (see what I did there?) long enough to make an impact.  Heck, their introduction was overshadowed by ballroom dancing!

Either way, there wasn’t anything amazing or special about this gum (at least flavor-wise).  All it wanted to do was brag about cramming more into the packet!

But still, a catchy jingle that actually stood out more than the product!  That, my friends, is effective advertising!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and great weekend!



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