Help, I’ve #FlashbackFriday, And I Can’t Get Up!

How about a block of commercials to ease you into the weekend?

Yesterday on Throwback Thursday, I talked about how I’m on a much-needed vacation/my honeymoon, so Allison’s Written Words has been on autopilot, with pre-written/pre-scheduled articles (this one is pre-scheduled, but I wrote it on Thursday morning before going for breakfast, not last week) while I enjoy my vacation.  I really hate taking any time off on Allison’s Written Words, even though I did it when I got married (I didn’t have time to write anything ahead of time, because wedding stuff).  So, something new!

But, before we begin, let’s check in on the honeymoon…



Me: I really don’t need any Funko Pops right now.

Also Me: (See above)

Hopefully I don’t find any more Disney Exclusives of interest.  I seriously don’t have room for the ones I have!


Today’s block of commercials aired the weekend before yesterday’s commercials.  This block was recorded on June 9, 2001 from MSNBC, during an airing of a Headliners and Legends profile on the late Phil Hartman.  This block also contains the closing credits of the Headliners and Legends profile on Donald Trump, pre-President (I think it was made in response to that first time he said he was going to run for President…remember that?), and the commercials immediately following that airing.

Featured in this commercial block…

Hair rejuvenation!Snapshot(0)

And this was before he dated Jennifer Lopez!


Yeah, 2001.

“Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”


Bug repellent for that time when the prospect of West Nile Virus scared all of us!


DSL.  Like you need to hear more.


Colin Mochrie, not in front of a green screen!


And last, but not least, adjustable beds!


It’s MSNBC, so this block is chock full of commercials geared at the over-65, As Seen On TV Crowd.  Nothing but insurance policies, adjustable beds, and products.  No movie previews, just promos for MSNBC programming, as well as a weather update and information about upcoming NBC Nightly News stories for the coming week.

I know, not all that exciting, but why not click play?

As this is being published, I’m on my last day of vacation.  I’m sad for it to end, but I had such a great time…and tons of pictures!  But man, what a great place to vacation.  I just don’t think I’ll be back during October – too hot!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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