#MusicMonday – June 3, 2019

Music Monday, can you hear me calling out your name?  You know that I’m falling and I don’t know what to say.

Music Monday wants to be with you everywhere.

Except the bathroom, because ew.

But it is music, so that may be ok…

No.  No, it isn’t.  It’s ew.

So “everywhere” is conditional upon it not being…well, everywhere.

I’m sure Fleetwood Mac didn’t write this song with that in mind.  What they had in mind was obviously a love song, and what they got was “Everywhere.”

“Everywhere” is a single from Fleetwood Mac’s fourteenth studio album, Tango in the Night. This single was released in November 1987, the fourth from the album.  The album at the time was their second most successful (behind 1977’s Rumours), and was the last to feature the classic (and most successful) lineup of Fleetwood Mac.  Lindsey Buckingham left after the tumultuous production of Tango in the Night, which took nearly 18 months to complete, and involved very little of Stevie Nicks.

Christine McVie (a member of the group since 1970) wrote and sang lead on this single, with a music video set against a visual depiction of the Alfred Noyes poem The Highwayman.  There are two version of the video – the visual depiction intermingled with the band…

…and the visual depiction minus Fleetwood Mac.

I’ve always liked the feeling this song evokes, but this music video makes it sound even more beautiful!

“Everywhere” reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100, and topped the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart, where it held the spot for three weeks.  It has been covered by Chaka Khan and Paramore (among others), and sampled by S Club 7.

The song also takes on the genre title of “Dream Pop,” whose cultural origins were in the United Kingdom in the early 1980s.  The synth is beautiful and, as the genre implies, dreamy.  I’ve always liked this song, and was surprised that Stevie Nicks was, in fact, not the only person who could sing a female-led Fleetwood Mac song.

That was a long ago assumption, friends.  I know better now!

So now you know the lengths Fleetwood Mac would go to be with you.

Have a great Monday, and enjoy the music!



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