Tear Into #FlashbackFriday

…because delicious!

When I was going into this week’s commercials, the only connection (I initially thought) was that they were for candy bars.  What I didn’t know is that yesterday’s commercial, which was for a Nestle candy, has a connection to today’s candy in that the candy featured eventually was sold by Nestle.  Now both these candies and Nestle candy in  general are owned by Ferrero.

Small world, wouldn’t you say?

While yesterday’s commercial depicted chocolate through the vision of Harlequin romance-esque sweeping visuals and dramatic flair (all in the name of white chocolate), today’s commercial is much more in tune with the 1980s.  And, it’s a twofer!

We’ve got…


…and we’re tearing into these chocolate delights!

All while wearing our best 80s attire!

Believe it…when you click play!

So, the history of these candies…




Baby Ruth has enjoyed a long life, manufactured beginning in 1921 by Curtiss Candy Company, later RJR Nabisco in 1981 (its manufacturer at the time of this commercial in 1986), then Nestle beginning in 1990.  Ferrero has been manufacturing Baby Ruth since 2018. Despite it obviously sounding like Baby Ruth was named after Babe Ruth, Curtiss claimed it is actually named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth (it isn’t).


Butterfinger, best known as the candy bar Bart Simpson demands you don’t lay a finger on, was first manufactured in 1923 by Curtiss, then by Standard Brands beginning in 1964, later by Nabisco in 1981, RJR Nabisco in 1985, on to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Co. in 1988, Nestle in 1990, and now Ferrero as of 2018.

So, both still exist, the wrappers have barely changed, and they’re delicious (I personally love Butterfinger, even if it gets stuck to my teeth).  That means only one thing…



Couldn’t resist.

And there is your sweet transition to the weekend.  Until next week, have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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