Goodreads Review – “Baster”

I’m on a bit of a shirt story kick lately.  I’ve been looking for this one for awhile and finally found it!

BasterBaster by Jeffery Eugenides

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Baster” is the short story that was the basis of the 2010 movie The Switch, and originally published in The New Yorker on June 17, 1996.

Wally Mars tells the story of his longtime friend/ex-girlfriend, Tomasina who decides that she wants to have a baby despite her age (40) and marital status (single, never married, No relationship prospects). She goes about this by hosting a party to procure the chosen one’s sperm in order to conceive her dream child.

I first saw The Switch in the movie theater in the summer of 2010 (I’m a huge Jason Bateman fan, have been for many years). This story leaves off fairly early in the film’s plot, but if you’ve seen it, then you know what happens.

And that’s where I will stop. This just might be my shortest summary yet.

I loved the movie, and had been trying to track down the story since I saw the film. Like a lot of things, it fell off my radar until last week, when I had been looking up a few short stories. I’m glad I finally found it, it was worth reading. My only wish was that it was longer, but hey keep them wanting more!

Highly recommended, funny, and quick read!

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