Only From The Mind of #FlashbackFriday!

Scary thought.

This week, we’re looking at the outmoded technology of…film photography!

Though the format still exists, and some places (and websites) develop it, the concept of photograhy has gone digital at this point.  I actually took a photography class in high school, and we learned how to develop photos in a dark room.  This was in 2000-2001, so not the dark ages, but certainly something that today’s high schoolers would never understand.  But that’s ok, I don’t necessarily understand today’s high schoolers.

Anyway, in keeping with this week’s theme, I found a commercial that does film photography, and toted by its manufacturer as the first SLR camera with autofocus, and that only the eye is faster than this camera.

Wow, bragging rights much?

I mean, look at these photos.  Wouldn’t you brag too?



So, what camera brags about its abilities and takes such great photos?


Click play and find out!

Why, Minolta!

I actually remember Minolta, particularly that logo.

Minolta was established in Osaka, Japan in 1928 as Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shōten (translation: Japanese-German camera shop), before Minolta in 1931.  MINOLTA is an acronym for “Mechanism, Instruments, Optics, and Lenses by Tashima.”  They were well-known for being the first company to manufacture the first integrated 35mm SLR autofocus camera, beginning in 1985 with the Maxxum 7000.  Unfortunately, legal troubles over this autofocus technology surfaced in 1987, when Honeywell filed a lawsuit in light of patent infringement.  In 1991, they were found guilty of this and ordered to pay Honeywell $127.6 million in damages, penalties, trial costs, and other expenses (they settled out of court in 1992).

In 1994, Minolta eventally became more than a camera company, changing its name to Minolta Co., Ltd.  However, they did continue to produce cameras through 2006, when they discontinued creating this technology.  They had merged with Konica in 2003, with their technology going to Sony.  This continued until 2010, when Sony discontinued DSLR cameras for its SLT system.  However, they still retain the Minolta A Mount.

So, um, sorta sad note?

I really hate ending the week on these.  I had been wondering why I never saw Minolta cameras anywhere, but silly me, I just believed I wasn’t looking hard enough.

Don’t ask.

Anyway, that does it for today.  I hate sad notes, but unfortunately, I had no clue Minolta was defunct when I found the commercial.

Next week, I will strive for something that isn’t defunct!

Easier said than done.

Do me a favor, and try not to get sucked into…



Though I’m sure that isn’t as scary as what goes on in my mind.

Don’t think too hard about that.

Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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