The More You #FlashbackFriday

Or is it “The Flashback Friday You Know?”

Potato, poe-tah-toe, tomato, toe-mah-toe…

As I mentioned yesterday (and several weeks ago), I’ve expanded my archives to take Throwback/Flashback into the new millennium, adding in commercials from 2000 until 2003.  I truly felt that the commercials of the early 2000s still captured the essence of the late 1990s, but set it apart from that decade.  It’s still fun to see what cell phones, computers, and other technology looked like in the early 2000s, and what technology didn’t exist yet.  I’ve seen commercials for medications you don’t need a prescription for anymore, laptops get skinnier, cell phones get smaller, digital, and carry better signals (they’re still expensive, though), and “Now on Video” commercials actually show the VHS tape in addition to the DVD.  There was no Blu-Ray, iPhones, digital downloading, and commercials that mentioned texting.  The early 2000s were truly a different time, without being the Dark Ages.

Anyway, another Flashback Friday, another commercial block from the archives.  This one comes from the spring of 2003 (April or May, I’m not 100% sure), during an NBC airing of Child Stars: Then and Now.  All commercials came from WNBC 4 New York.

Included in this block:

Proof that ALF and 10-10 numbers didn’t die out after the 90s!


Tiger Woods for Buick, and before his troubles…


This is not made from mayonnaise!


Jason Alexander enjoying his chicken, next to Jason Alexander…getting ripped off eating chicken.


Now on VHS, that ridiculous movie starring Jerry O’Connell and a CGI Kangaroo.

I remember feeling bad renting this to people at the video store!


Fast food salad!




Eric McCormick, Eric McCormick, and Eric McCormick in that one NBC segment, the one with the catchy tune…


Anyway, there’s food, technology, “Now on Video,” and a whole lotta commercials here.  Everything is represented, everything is early 2000s, and you’re gonna love it!

Click play, and enjoy!

On that note, this is where we end our week.  And what a great way to end it.

Have a great Flashback Friday, a great weekend, and be sure to use the dinner table to reconnect this weekend!

The more you know!


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