Goodreads Review: “The Baby-Sitters Club #79 – Mary Anne Breaks the Rules”

My latest Goodreads review is one in a continuing re-read of an old favorite series.

Mary Anne Breaks the Rules (The Baby-Sitters Club, #79)Mary Anne Breaks the Rules by Ann M. Martin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mary Anne’s heart is in the right place (no surprise there) when she asks her boyfriend, Logan, to spend time with her babysitting charge, eight-year-old Jake Kuhn. Jake misses his father following his parents’ divorce, and his father’s move to Texas. But while Mary Anne’s good intentions prove to be positive for Jake, his mother isn’t seeing it the same way. Will this ruin the Baby-Sitters Club’s reputation? Was Mary Anne right for doing what she did?

Subplot: It’s October in Stoneybrook, and the kids are preparing a haunted house idea, but infighting between the kids results in two competing haunted houses. Which one will be better?

I knew this story sounded familiar to me – it was one of the books I read while I was still into the BSC novels. Mary Anne does quite the honorable (at least, in my book) duty of having a positive male role model spend time with a kid who really would benefit, since he is the only male in the house. I feel bad for Jake in that sense – he’s the only male, and he’s sad because his friend Buddy Barrett, who he was able to relate to (Since Buddy also lives with his divorced mother and two younger sisters), will soon have a new stepfather. Mary Anne’s noble action does, unfortunately, get her in trouble. The reasoning behind why she would get in trouble is certainly understandable. Having a boyfriend come over while you’re babysitting in someone else’s house could send the wrong message, but knowing this is Mary Anne, it should never be of concern.

I liked the story – it is of the standard Baby-Sitters Club stories, and it shows how strong the relationship between Mary Anne and Logan is. When I was this age, I would have loved a Logan Bruno in my life. 🙂

And, and to answer the questions…nope, you’re just going to have to read it to find out. And the haunted house subplot…nope, you’re going to have to read it to find out about that too!

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