Fancy Wrapping Isn’t Necessary When You’re Giving #ThrowbackThursday

But why not?

So here we are, four days till Christmas, and it’s Throwback Thursday.  And I couldn’t think of a better gift to give all of you than a huge commercial block…divided into two parts!

Because you love it, and I love your viewership!

So today, we’re going to watch part one of a two-part block taped from WNBC 4 New York on December 20, 1997, during Saturday Night Live: Christmas Past.

Included in this set:

007 gets a phone call in the heat of the moment…


Smoking cessation!


The news staff at WNBC sings Christmas songs – this is an awesome tradition, and I have several of these on tape!


Matt Damon cleans the floors!


Mayor Ed Koch: Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

(Ok fine, he’s actually the judge on The People’s Court).


Garth Brooks!


This busybody…


Life problems at a chicken restaurant…


And ice cream!


We’ve got previews for Tomorrow Never DiesGood Will Hunting, and promos for The People’s Court, and Dateline NBC.

So go on, click play below!

And do come back tomorrow, when we watch part two of this commercial block!

Have a great Throwback Thursday Before Christmas!

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