It Really Is A Wonderful #ThrowbackThursday!

…especially in the archives.  At Christmastime!

Did you ever have the misfortune of a life problem?  Of course you have, all normal people have them.  And the problem in today’s commercial really sucks.  I would know, because to a lesser degree, the same thing happened to me on Schuylkill Avenue in Philadelphia.  It was not fun.

Anyways, we have this guy…and another guy splashes him with water from the road…


Like, full body wet all over.

And we have the guy who splashed him…but comes back to help.

That did not happen to me.

Seriously, I was only splashed from my waist down.


And when you click play, you’ll see his change of heart in action!

It really is a wonderful life!

Tomorrow, on Flashback Friday, we’ll see another life problem that only 7-Up consumed at Christmas time can fix.

Have a great day!

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