#MusicMonday – November 20, 2017

It’s Monday, a day that no one is thankful for.  But Music Monday…I think people can be thankful for that!

I figured on giving you, the listeners/readers a bit of a breather before I plunge head first into the holiday season.  I was going to find some random song that had nothing to do with the holidays whatsoever, but mostly because I just wanted to avoid finding Thanksgiving music.  Because not everyone wants holiday music all the time.

Well, that and I’ve had three Earth Wind and Fire songs stuck in my head since last week.  I could have picked any of those, but I wound up finding a Thanksgiving song that made me happy.

My happiness, your Music Monday pick.

You’re lucky.

This is a catchy little tune is called “Thanksgiving Theme, and if it sounds familiar to you (in a good way, I hope), that’s because it was composed and performed by Vince Guaraldi (and the other two parts of the trio, of course!).  The group was responsible for all the music for every Charlie Brown/Peanuts special and movie, beginning with A Charlie Brown Christmas, and ending with It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown (which he finished the soundtrack for earlier the day he died).  His death on February 6, 1976 left Peanuts cartoons without the catchy music we all know and love, but has become a timeless staple of the earliest specials.

From the 2012 CD release of A Charlie Brown Christmas television special soundtrack, this is 1965’s “Thanksgiving Song”!

We’re a few days from Thanksgiving, I have one of my patented holiday recaps in the works.  But for now, I know it is Monday, but try to enjoy the music!

Have a great day!

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