#SpamSaturday – November 4, 2017

Let’s kick off our first Spam Saturday of November by talking technology!

Did An 80-Year-Old Spambot Write This?

It boggles the mind. Once it’s robots vs robots, what’s the point? It’ll just come down to who can build the most, or the best robots. Then it is no longer about mortality, but it just becomes a game. War will become even more pointless, pathetic, and driven by money.

For that response, I give you THIS response

Spammers Reaching Out and Touching Someone…

When you need to get a new telephone, evaluation store in real retailers instead of on the web. Take your time doing this to get the really feel of various types of cell phones. Whenever you do that you’ll possibly end up with a cell phone which you get pleasure from utilizing.

Thanks for the tip.  And please don’t use the word “pleasure” to describe the use of cell phones!

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