Open #ThrowbackThursday…If You Dare!

It’s the month of Halloween, and it’s Thursday.  So it must be Throwback Thursday with a Halloween-themed twist!

Throughout the month, Allison’s Written Words will be showcasing some Not Halloween (but sorta related to it!) commercials for your viewing pleasure.  On Thursdays, join us for some kid-friendly Not Halloween-But-Close-Enough commercials from 1987, then come back on Friday when we watch horror movie trailers.  Four weeks of spooky fun, all leading up to Halloween!

First up, let’s go back to 1987 to eat some spooky cereal. Now, is it me, or do we only get to see Count Chocula and his friends Franken Berry, Fruit Brute, and Boo Berry only at Halloween these days?  Didn’t they used to be a year round thing?

I really don’t recall, since I never ate the stuff myself, and don’t really patrol the cereal aisle looking for this stuff.  However, I did see it in Target last week, so I’ve pretty much surmised that this only gets broken out once a year.

Anyway, this commercial is from the summer of 1987, which means it was out during the summer at some point; specifically…1987.

Anyway, say hi to Franken Berry!


And he’s got a problem…


He doesn’t want you to open that box!

But why not?  It’s part of a complete breakfast!


Find out why, when you click play!

Yes, I know.  I realized AFTER I made this video that I called Franken Berry “Boo Berry.”

The fear he has of opening this box?


Ghosts in his cereal!!!!!

I particularly love the Irish Cop.  I started laughing the minute he opened his mouth!


But since he ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and thinks they sound delicious, he’s fine with opening the box…



Oh, and this…


This was close to the end of the tape, so I never did get to see the dramatic conclusion.  What happens to Irish Cop?  Are the ghosts merely delicious, and nothing more?

I don’t know, I don’t have the conclusion!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well…

Come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday and more frights and spookiness, as we watch a trailer from a cheesy 80s horror movie!

See you tomorrow!!

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