#FlashbackFriday Will Gladly Have a Jujube Revolution!

Viva la revolution!

In the early 2000s, I used to see alot of commercials for companies like E*Trade, TD Ameritrade, and other brokerage firms. But none of the ads were quite like the time E*Trade decided to pit a guy looking for a raise up against a seasoned boss whose mind was more on candy than actually giving his hardworking employee a raise.

The candy in question?  Well, he refers to them as Jujube, but they actually look more like Jujy Fruit.


Either that or gum drops. You know, candy that no respectable boss would actually keep on their desk.  Take one of my supervisors, for instance.  She always has chocolate on her desk.  Not only is she already well-liked, she keep chocolate handy!

This boss, on the other hand…

Click play and listen to this man sing praise to the Jujube (Jujy Fuit)!

Hey, whatever helps you skirt the issue of giving a raise to someone.

Guess they’re going to have to create their own raise.


I always thought this commercial looked more like it was designed for Career Builder than one for brokerage, but yeah, here it is. It’s a brokerage firm, and at the time of this commercial’s airing, there was a promise of up to 25 trades on them.  I wonder how well this worked for them.

I’m happy to report that E*Trade still exists as a company, with 30 branches and six primary offices.  And as you all know, it makes me happy when a company whose ad I feature is still operating.  I can’t walk away every week with this happy information (heck, I couldn’t even do that yesterday!), but when I do, it makes me so happy.

And there you have it – your weekly commercial blast from the past. It was full of Jujubes (Jujy Fruit) and happiness.  Viva la revolution, green and yellow!


Can you hear that revolution brewing?

Have a great weekend!

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