“The Smell of An Orange…”

This writing prompt comes from TED-Ed’s Creative Writing Prompts That You Can Do in Ten Minutes.  I’ve done several of these, and yes they can be done in ten minutes!

Finish this sentence: The smell of an orange reminds me of….

summer, warm breezes, southern California, Florida, fresh air, and sweetness. It also reminds me of the ride Soarin’ in Walt Disney World, which takes riders on a hangliding journey through many sights, including an orange grove.  Oh, and the time my former workplace bleached out the vents in the building…and them pumped citrus throughout the place to cover up the bleach smell.  Turns out citrus/orange really does effectly cover up the smell of bleach!

Surprisingly, the smell also reminds me of those old commercials where a straw was put into an orange.  Being an impressionable young child, I wanted to be able to do that too.  Actually (admittedly), I asked my grandma if that was possible.


Turns out it isn’t possible.  At all.

Except in this commercial!

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