#MusicMonday – August 21, 2017

Fun fact: There is no vacation on Music Monday.  Especially when we can find “travel” songs!

So this week, Allison’s Written Words is hitting the road.  No, I’m not driving, but I am traveling.

James and I are headed off to Chicago for – brace yourself – a convention.  But, for the first time (for me) since 2012, it will be – brace yourself again! – not a Stargate Convention!  We’ll actually be going to Wizard World ComiCon, which we’ve done in Philadelphia, but were lured into going to Chicago.

Why you ask?  Three reasons: James Roday and Dule Hill, David Tennant, and John Barrowman.

Reason #1 cancelled, but that doesn’t matter.  We’re still going anyway, because…David Tennant and John Barowman!

And that’s good enough for me!

So while we’re not driving the 12 hours, the week of a vacation always calls for music to head off on vacation to.  And why not one of my favorite “vacation” songs, from a movie about going on vacation?

Today’s Music Monday song choice comes from 1983, and Fleetwood Mac lead singer Lindsey Buckingham.  It was featured on the soundtracks for National Lampoon’s Vacation, European Vacation, and Vegas Vacation, as well as the 2015 “next generation” sequel Vacation (albeit covered by the Zac Brown Band).

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, it’s really not a long way* down the “Holiday Road!”

*As long as I get to the point.

“Holiday Road” charted at #82 on the Billboard Hot 100, but has come to be one of Lindsey Buckingham’s best-known songs, and has been covered by Limp, the Dahlmans, the Aquabats, Whippersnapper, Die Coverlire, Marble, Matt Pond PA, and Dirt Bike Annie.  It was also the unofficial playoff victory song of the Chicago Blackhawks, who won the Stanley Cup on the song’s 30th anniversary (June 24, 2013).

And if you want to hear the “next generation sequel remake,” here’s the Zac Brown Band version.

It’s pretty awesome!

Bill Hader as Lindsey Buckingham approves.


I’m sure he also approves of this Music Monday.

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