That Time All Jack O’Neill Needed Was Mentos…

…was indeed the time all situations made sense.

I love ’90s Mentos commercials.


Those “I’m in a situation where I need to think out of the box, but hey, I have a roll of Mentos, so maybe I can justify my actions” commercials were a cheesy delight in the mid-1990s.  If you didn’t laugh (or at a minimum, roll you eyes or say “oh jeez”) at least once, then you either didn’t have a sense of humor, or a pulse.

I’m guessing the latter.  Because you probably weren’t born yet.

I also love Mentos commercial parodies. (I even wrote a Retroist article about these parodies.)

After seeing these parodies, I wanted to create my own for a specific Stargate SG-1 episode.  So I made a “title card”:

SG-1 Mentos

I saved it, and put the whole idea on the back burner.

This morning,  I decided a year and a half of saying I was going to make it was long enough, I was going to make it.

This is what happened:

In 45 minutes, I turned a a series of clips from the Stargate SG-1 episode “Shades of Gray” (Season 3) into the ultimate Mentos parody.  Why Jack O’Neill?  Well, if you know his humor, then you know why this works so well.

I really enjoyed making this, and found the actual struggle with making this work was how much I could fit in 30 seconds.  I did have to splice together clips from the same climactic scene, but it ultimately made sense, and well, I scream with delight over endings like the one I made.  There’s nothing quite like editing a video, and having perfect timing when it is called for.  In this case, the actual clip had to match the exact moment on the title card.  The result (by my personal standards) was flawless!

The whole process took about 45 to make (I worked on it from 8:10 this morning until 20 minutes before my workday started, and spent the last twenty minutes checking every aspect, trimming clips, extending others – the other five was spent in rendering and uploading.  The result is probably one of my absolute favorite personally-crafted Stargate videos (of which I’ve made several).

I’ve also won convention awards for my editing, and you can click play below on my playlist to see what else I’ve come up for the alien-fighting military team.

Thanks for watching, and if you like what you see, please follow my You Tube Channel for all the other stuff that tickles my brain and funny bone. 🙂



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