Dance Recital Weekend: Looking Back

Allow me to be a tad nostalgic, if you will.

Me, nostalgic?  No way!


So it’s recital weekend, and I’ve been enjoying the photos I’ve seen of my friends’ kids and even of my friends from my second round of dance recitals. So I figured I would re-share some of mine.

First “Big Kid” recital – June 2008 (Age 25)
I went back to dance school in September 2007 – right before my 25th birthday (after six years away from it), and stuck around until December 2014 (two months after my 32nd birthday). I was forced to stop after an ankle injury completely sidelined me (I made the mistake of not getting it checked in October 2014, when it happened).
Final “Big Kid” performance – December 2014
Two-and-a-half years later, I’m still not 100%, so I’ve never been able to return.
I’ve contended with chronic pain, have had scar tissue broken up, adjustments, and chiropractic care to help with the pain.  I’ve done really well in those years.  While I’m able to dance again, I don’t have the stamina in my right leg to take on a dance class.
In March of this year, I ruptured my Achilles tendon and wound up with a partial tear. It reminded me all over again about how my “wrap it and get back out there” mentality (since pain doesn’t normally bother me) did not do me any favors when I originally was injured. Thankfully, I was already under doctor’s care for tendinitis, and I had a follow-up the day after the actual rupture happened, so that got taken care of quickly.  I also know not to mess around anymore, since it cost me something I loved to do.  This time around,  I was smarter. 
Ok, I had to be encouraged to get checked this time around, but I waited about two weeks, rather than two months.  I was much smarter this time.
The years I did dance were wonderful for me – I made great friends, worked with a great instructor, and got to finally live that childhood dream of being a Fly Girl.
The “Fly Girl” years –
(Top Row, from left to right, 2009-2012 / Bottom row -from left to right, 2013 and 2014)
The Christmas Shows –
Top Row – (Left to Right – 2010 and 2011) / Bottom Row (Left to Right – 2013 and 2014)
I’ve since hung up my dance shoes (my Hip Hop sneakers) and turned to my keyboard.  But I’ll always be a dancer at heart.
Allison Dancing
My second Christmas Recital (2011)
It’s amazing how much things have changed for me since I stopped dancing, both physically and emotionally.  I’m actually looking at these pictures and thanking myself for going on a diet, but I’m also aware the biggest culprit of weight gain was a bad gallbladder that got removed during my final full year of dance in 2014. I ended a relationship I was unhappy with in the aftermath of leaving dance (in early 2015), but found another chance with a fulfilling relationship nine months later.
This blog (or rather, moving it to WordPress), came out of changing my life and working toward a goal of fulfillment and inner happiness.  It has been the catalyst for all the things that I’ve been lucky enough to do since then.
I’ve found that my life since dance is one I will not trade in for anything (a great relationship, the joy of writing, good friends).  I will never trade in those great years for anything, as it has made me the person I’ve wanted to be, even if it took until my 30s to get there.  I have dance to thank for the confidence.
I’m just always glad I had that experience. 🙂
The Girls 2011-3
Me (with the ponytail – 2011)

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