Daily Post Photo Challenge – Friend

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Friend

This past week, my friend Melanie came to visit.  We chilled and enjoyed each other’s company by watching Psych and Mystery Science Theater 3000, but we also ventured into Philadelphia for the day, and also to Wizard World ComiCon on her final full day visiting me and my boyfriend.

We took her back to the airport this morning, and as I was leaving her at the security line, I made sure to give her an extra hug.  I’m not sure if we will see each other (in person) at any other point this year, but I am happy that I got to spend a week long vacation having geeky girl time. 🙂

On Thursday morning, we went to Philadelphia on a day trip, and we took this selfie before we left:

Melanie and Allison - 6-1-17

We also took these photos at ComiCon:




Fist bump: always an awesome friend thing. 🙂


    1. I have seasons 5-8 on DVD (when it was pulled from Netflix, I was up to season 5, so I figured I would buy the last four seasons and go from there. Figured I could always get 1-4 later. I think you’ll like Music Monday this week! 🙂


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