#ThrowbackThursday Wants a Picture of Light

Or is that a “pitcher of lite?”

Note: This was supposed to be last week’s (April 20, 2017) Throwback Thursday.  Due to a rendering issue with the video, it was held over to this week.

Back by overwhelming viewer response, this week I’m dusting off another block of commercials from 1986 for your enjoyment.  I don’t do this out of laziness, but rather, out of giving the viewers what I see works in terms of viewership.  And commercial blocks work!

You’ve seen some of these commercials in previous Throwback/Flashback installments, but many of these should be new to you.

Included in today’s block…

Bruce Willis for Seagram Wine Coolers…now with singing!


Those ice cream sundaes…


A “picture of light”…


This guy, who took a mental health day before it was called a mental health day.  His day off is the stuff of legends and maintains a freshness not many movies can master.


Don’t mind me, just letting you know about Tic Tacs…


Tom Hanks being funny…


The J-Team!


It is a promo for a boxing match, I swear!!!!!


Giant feet!!!!


And promises the local channels make.


There’s movie previews, promos for TV shows, and some local stuff.  Nothing disappointing to be seen!

So, whenever you’re ready, go forth and click play, and bask in the warm glow of 1986!

And as we bring the life of 1986 to a close, we’re reminded that tomorrow is another day in the past.  We’ll unearth another commercial block from another awesome year tomorrow on Flashback Friday!

I can’t guarantee the mental health day of all mental health days, but I can guarantee potential memories.  Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!

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