#Easter with the ‘Toons…Tiny Toons, That Is!

Happy Easter, readers!

Now that the eggs have been found, the candy eaten, and you’ve probably eaten dinner, it is time to settle in to the obligatory holiday in the archives I love showering my readers with.

I’ve talked around different holidays in past years about how easy it is to find holiday specials that are more common (think Rankin Bass, Charlie Brown, and even Garfield has made a comeback in recent years), but how hard it is to find the more obscure specials that went out of rotation on the major networks, some never to be seen again (or not seen again until 20-25 years later, when resourceful people (or resourceful networks) find them.  When you think about it, 25 years is pretty much how long some specials have been out of regular rotation.

Case in point – two years ago, I watched A Family Circus Easter, and I don’t even remember the last time that had actual network airtime.  Sure it is immortalized on You Tube, but there is always something special about holiday-time airings of specials.  On You Tube, I can watch Easter specials on the Fourth of July if I wanted to.  I’m not going to do that, but I could if I wanted to.

Growing up, I loved Tiny Toon Adventures.  I also liked the video games (I play the Nintendo game on my computer once in a while).  And then there is that theme song…

Try as you might, but that theme song isn’t going anywhere.

And while I know for a fact that I saw How I Spent My Summer Vacation, I’m not 100% sure I saw the Easter/Spring Break special that exists.

Screenshot (955)

The special originally aired on March 27, 1994 in primetime (one week before Easter), one of two Tiny Toon Adventures primetime specials to air that year (the other being Night Ghoulery).  Unlike Night Ghoulery, the Easter/Spring Break-themed special did not receive any type of re-air or home video release.  In fact, it wasn’t until 20 years later on April 20, 2014 (Easter Sunday) that the family-friendly network Hub re-aired it.  So it was kinda sorta lost for twenty years.

How wonderful to be found!

Tiny Toon Adventures Spring Break sees the Acme Looniversity gang going off to spring break in Fourt Lauderdale…

Elmyra’s unending quest to nab the Easter Bunny…

Screenshot (956)

“Cameos” by “celebrities”….

(This doesn’t even scratch the surface….)

There’s also singing…lots of singing…

Screenshot (962)

And Easter references, complete with the White House Easter Egg Hunt!

Screenshot (961)

And thanks to Daily Motion, I’ve been able to track it down, and share it with all of you.

Screenshot (965)

I could have written a recap about this, but I really would rather all of you enjoy a little Easter egg of a treat, and watch this for yourself.  So whenever you’re ready, hit the “play” button.


It is exactly the way I remember the original series – alot of songs, cameos, and Elmyra’s disastrous Elmer Fudd-style approach to capturing Buster.  I really enjoyed this special thoroughly, as I would have at 11 years old.  This holds up pretty well, despite the years.  As a name, Hub doesn’t exist anymore (I think it is Discovery Family now), but I’m grateful that they discovered it in the first place in 2014.  I checked their listings, and it isn’t airing this year, but I’m confident it will be re-aired again, just hopefully not in another 20-plus years.

On that note, this found Easter egg is coming to an end.  But, if you like your holiday-themed with a little side of my own brand of egg-cellence (see what I did there?), I made this effort possible in 2015 and 2016 as well.

On behalf of this one-woman writing crew at Allison’s Written Words, enjoy the rest of your Easter, and if this applies to you, Spring Break!

Try getting that theme song un-stuck.  It may take all of spring break!


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