Color My World, It’s #NationalCrayonDay!

I love these fun holidays, the ones that fall between the bigger and more prominent holidays.

Who needs Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, when you can have holidays like Ice Cream Day, Cereal Day, and…National Crayon Day?!

I found out this morning (thanks newscrawl on Good Morning America) that the color “Dandelion” will be retired from the 24-count crayon boxes everywhere (except the ones currently on store shelves, for more obvious reasons), and replaced with a new color.

Like my Nintendo Wii’s sputtering, angry, gear-grinding “I give up” earlier this week, a moment of silence is necessary for this revelation.

Moment over.

While I personally haven’t owned a box of Crayola Crayons in a long time (I think I last bought a box, it was to color a kite I made for a Geometry class project in tenth grade, and that would have been in 1999).

There will be a new color announced in May, but in honor of National Crayon Day, I couldn’t help but share a nice childhood memory of mine.  I definitely didn’t see this when it originally aired, but I have seen it, and it is a fun segment if you’ve ever wanted to know how crayons are made.


This segment is from the eighth episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood‘s eleventh season (original airdate: June 1, 1981).  If you’re a nostalgic parent, bring the kids in on this one.

Happy National Crayon Day!  Go color your world pink, blue, purple, burnt sienna, or macaroni and cheese.  But most definitely dandelion, since well, retirement and all.


We hardly knew ye, Dandy.  Ok, well, I did – I was seven or eight when this was introduced.  So I do remember Dandelion. 🙂

By the way, that kite lost in the design contest to – the horror! – a kite someone made with Twizzlers glued to cardstock…and one of the Twizzlers fell off while the kites were hanging from the ceiling while on display.




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