#ThrowbackThursday Is Breaking Out A Commercial Set…From Their Purse!

Awww yeah, yes we are!

I’m not being lazy, but I really do like posting these huge commercial sets.  They’re usually quite popular, a fun watch, and you just never know what you’re going to find hiding among 20-some odd minutes of commercials!

This set is from the February 21, 1998 airing of Saturday Night Live, which was their tribute to Chris Farley.  Among this set…





The car that spits in the face of the competition (see related links for the reference)!

#ThrowbackThursday Will Do ANYTHING for the Perfect Parking Spot!

#FlashbackFriday Compels Me to “Go Farther”


Judge Ed Koch!  How’s he doin’?


Chick fitness!


Peer pressure!


Relax, it’s for Nicorette.

That show you never admitted to watching!


Ok, LL Cool J is on, maybe I’ll watch it.

Wait, what?

Kenny G music in commercial = my childhood weeps, but my adultness is sooo happy!


That movie every guy in your life has seen.


Derek Jeter for Discover Card! (Related: On This #FlashbackFriday, Double Your Deliciousness!


Ed O’Neill’s life post-Married…With Children, pre-Modern Family, and from that time where we had to call an 800 number so we could call grandma and save everyone alot of money.

Were these phone numbers really cost saving?


The Davis family, who sounds Italian, eats Italian, and carries 4C cheese in purses.


We’ve got movie previews, commercials for television shows, this guy hosted Saturday Night Live the following week…


And Jeremy Renner is denied beer.  Twice.

Feel sorry for him, please.

All this and more, when you click play!

There ya have it, lots of commercial glory from the archives of Allison.  Tomorrow, we’ll step a little further back into the archives, behind the boxes marked “Miscellaneous,” but before the dusty exercise equipment.

I’m not sure how that got there.

Have a great Thursday!


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