Going Forward…

Going forward, with my blog (and not my feelings) in complete consideration…

I’m appalled by the amount of hateful language and arguing that has populated my social media feeds since Friday.  So much so, I’ve steered away from social media almost entirely this weekend.  I have high hopes that things will begin to calm down after this weekend and go back to the way things were.

In a perfect world, this sounds realistic, but it really is just wishful thinking.  Do I know what tomorrow will look like?  Well, for me, it will be rainy, but we’re not discussing weather.

No, I have no idea what social media will look like on Monday morning.  I wish I had that ability, but nope, I don’t.

Going forth, on Allison’s Written Words, posts that have the possibility to incite an argument will be no longer.  Unless you come to argue all about nostalgia, then nope, no argue-worthy posts here.  What will there be?  More posts about the quirky side of life – more writing prompts, discover challenges, nostalgia, stories, and fun.  Stuff that people like.  Smile-worthy stuff.  More of what we need, and less of what we don’t need.

The world is already full of people wanting to find something to argue about.  That’s fine, but it won’t be about what you see here.  I mean, fine, if you hate Chicago or pictures of T-Rex funnies, then that’s fine.  But are short arm problems really worth arguing about?

I, as always, run a clean site.  I also run a clean social media feed.  No profanities from me (the occasional “damn” or “shit” may surface, but that’s not exactly full of hard edge and nastiness, is it?), and I expect as much from all of you.  If you want to comment, I would love to hear from you!  I get some great comments from readers about what they’ve seen, and I love it.  It makes my heart happy to have a readership, but the praise and thanks people have given me is lifeblood that keeps this blog going strong.  Healthy discussion is great, but the opposite is detrimental.  Quite frankly, I love healthy discussion.

I love to write, and I love to share my gift with the world.  And I want to keep being able to do that with all of you.

Let’s progress and reunite as people.  You don’t have to sing Kumbaya with me (unless you like off-key singing, which is my style), but I would like to believe you saw something you liked, and it made you smile today.

So, effective today, January 22, 2017, Allison’s Written Words (and all associated social media accounts) will go back to spreading the fun, cheerfulness, and yes, all the randomness, T-Rex funnies, and GIPHY magic you could ever want.

So do a dance…

giphy (16)

Sing a song (or play an instrument)…

giphy (9)

Break out that 8-Ball shirt (yes, shirt)…

giphy (3)

And laugh at foreign film death scenes (and that guy who I thought was actually Jimmy Fallon parodying an actual movie scene)…

giphy (1)

We’re back to what we do best, even when it takes forever to get to the point! 🙂

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