This week’s Daily Post Discover Challenge:

I’m just you’re average, ordinary, everyday, superhero!

No, I’m not going to sing Smashmouth.  I don’t want to drive away that budding fanbase I have.  Those five box fans in a room being taken away would be really upsetting.

That said…

So, I’m in love with a superhero…


(Mine got punched)

And I’ve dressed like that superhero…


Black leggings and sparkly boots?  Why not?

And I’ve even met the man behind that superhero…

Chris Hemsworth

But, in reality, I’m not a superhero.  And neither is Chris Hemsworth (unless being insanely hot is a superpower, because, in that case, he won me over with those powers!), but he plays one.  And with the right costume accessories, I did too.

Whether we believe it or not (“I’m walking on air!”), we all have some kind of superpower of the non-power type, and we don’t have to have fancy gadgets, capes, or spandex to do it.  Superheroes in real life don’t wear masks, and (I hope) don’t live like vigilantes, always looking to save the day.

When I think of superheroes in the sense of normal life, I think more along the lines of a MacGyver type, rather than an Avenger.

My superhero ability is my mad writing skills.  I can claim bragging rights on my ability because I don’t personally know alot of people (aside from my writing peeps at Retroist) who can claim it.  In my family, I’m the only one who does.  And, as you can tell, I’m pretty active with it – a personal blog, a contribution gig at another blog, and a contribution chance at another website.  I love to write, and if I had the chance to do it all the time, I would.

Being able to write is more than just jotting words on paper, or typing them in a document – it is putting those words into coherent sentences, assembling those sentences into paragraphs, and then assembling those coherent paragraphs into a document that not only flows, but tells a story.  And for those of us who don’t write fiction (I used to, but haven’t in years), the work not only has to be coherent and flowing, but factual.

When I write, I want my work to be more than just words on a page – I want readers to picture the voice behind the writing, feel the energy of the writing, and come away moved, inspired, or entertained by what they just read.  It all comes down to presenting your “voice” and letting others in on what you love.  Every piece should be written with convicting passion that can draw anyone in, speak on the level of readers without questioning their integrity, but also not be “dumbed down.” I will never reduce the level of my writing because of a critical voice telling me to do otherwise. I’m lucky this has never happened to me, but I also don’t write for the sake of drawing controversy to my blog.

I also find proofreading and revising multiple times to be of great importance when perfecting my “superpower.”  A superpower is what you make of it, and like every great superhero, the most effective power is one that has to be fine tuned through much patience and practice.


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