Cherry On Top

Everything is always better with a “cherry on top,” wouldn’t you say?

So what if I told you that a sweet alcoholic drink that tastes like delicious soda was made better?

You wouldn’t believe me, wouldn’t you?


This is called the Grape Crush, and it was my drink of choice at the Sugar Factory in Rosemont, Illinois.  I ate at this awesome, loud, and vibrant restaurant in August 2015 with 12 of my friends as a pre-convention get together before last year’s Stargate Convention.  I took this picture and sent it to my mom so she could see what her daughter was up to.  I’m not a drinker by any means, but in a social setting, I love having one very tasty drink.  This one was not only tasty, it was fun.  And the cherry on top, you ask?  The Gummy Frogs!  Even without the Gummy Frogs, this still had a “Cherry on Top” flair, like “We’ve got alcohol, the name makes it cooler!”


I was sitting next to my friend Nikki, who ordered this monstrosity of alcohol.  You’d think the candy here would be the “cherry on top,” right?  Well, you’re partially right.  The other cherry is the smoke coming out of the drink – it was poured at the table with panache, and yes, we all watched.  One of the other members of our group had a similar drink (but red) and they poured hers first.  There is video somewhere of all of us clapping when they poured it.

After she had her drink, I mentioned that it reminded me of something.  It then dawned on me, it was alot like the Blue Hawaiian drink in Wayne’s World!

Nope, my geekiness NEVER shines through!

Good friends, good food, and drinks like this started out an amazing convention weekend!

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