On #ThrowbackThursday, GI Joe is There!

Real American Heroes need no introduction.

Ok, fine, yes they do.

Chances are, if you grew up in the 1980s (like I did), were I boy (which I’m not), or had a brother and watched his cartoons (check and check), then you probably watched GI Joe in syndication.  The series debuted in 1985 (produced by Marvel-Sunbow) and ran for 95 episodes between 1985 and 1986, and again from 1989-1991 (produced by DiC).  The original series ended with the direct-to-video animated film in 1987, and the second series ended with the Gulf War’s conclusion in 1991.  There have been other series in the years since, as well as two live-action films, but there was nothing like the original two series, especially the original.


While my generation is familiar with the 3.75-inch action figures (and their peripherals), which debuted in 1982, but that generation’s parents played with the original version of these action figures…the 12-inch version.  That G.I. Joe made its debut in 1964, with this particular series of toys lasting until 1969, and the Adventure Team line running from 1970 until 1976.


Today’s Throwback Thursday is all about that early version of G.I. Joe, and all the things you could do with your G.I. Joe, complete with a jingle as catchy as the cartoon’s theme!

He was kinda cool…and he could be dressed.  Could the 1982 figures have that same distinction?  No, they can’t!


But they fought COBRA, because peacetime.  And marketing!  It was a super cool fantasy world military whose worst threat was a screechy-voiced, masked man calling himself Cobra Commander.

But either way, Hasbro has had a long-lasting franchise of toys, despite the hiatuses the toyline has taken over the years, and for that, this nostalgic geek salutes Hasbro for doing it right all these years!

Throwback Thursday will give way to Flashback Friday tomorrow, as we wrap up the week with another toyline!

Have a great Thursday!





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