Open the Door for Your #ThrowbackThursday!

Go on…do it!

Screenshot (176).png

Remember the days of uncomplicated relationship life? Where a board game laid your predestined dating life all out there for your friends to see, and where men were either studs or duds?

In the 1960s, Milton Bradley had this uncomplicated decision down to a mere opening of a door…to your Mystery Date!

Screenshot (176)

That’s right, little girls played a cute little game which all lead up to whether they would have a date with a stud…

Screenshot (177)

Or a dud…

Screenshot (179)

And if you got a dud, you may as well have given up right then and there.

Milton Bradley marketed this game toward girls ages six to fourteen years (Because in the Dark Ages, girls started on their predetermined path early!), and produced it in 1965, 1970, and modernized it for more sophisticated girls in 1999 and 2005.

Screenshot (175)

But today, pushing play will allow you to bask in the original glory of this game.

So go on, open the door to your Mystery Date!

And by opening the door, I mean pushing play!

So…push play!

And there you have it, another step into the archives!  We’ll continue with our board game fun tomorrow, so tune in for more fun…and games!

Studs are welcome to join in the fun!

Screenshot (177)


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