#ThrowbackThursday Is Hungry…

Happy Thursday, readers and watchers!

So this one is coming out a little later in the day than normal.  It’s a funny story, really…

(It’s actually not funny.)

So, do you know the pain of having to reset your computer, after trying in vain to get things to work?  Let’s just say Windows 10 and trying to correct slowness issues on a one-year-old laptop was not successful.  So, I had to pull everything off of it, reset it to factory, and start anew.  I’m fine with that, since it now runs like a brand-new laptop, the way it should.  And I have Windows 8 back, which I’m much happier with.

So, I’m sitting here, writing away and eating lunch, trying to find a theme for this week’s Throwback Thursday from the archives, and since I was, well, hungry, I figured wanting lunch would be a great place to start.

Screenshot (4)

Today’s Throwback Thursday comes to us from 1986, when a teenager’s doodles actually produced so much more.  I’m talking about food.  He was drawing food.  Specifically, chicken nuggets.  More specifically, McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets.  Which look a whole lot better on television than they do in person.

Just click “Play” and see for yourself!

And there you have it, your lunchtime entertainment, if not for taste, but for creativity.  I’d give this kid an A for effort…an A+ if he’s share with the rest of the class.

Flashback Friday is tomorrow!

Hopefully, we’re hungry, but not as hungry.

Screenshot (3)

No thanks.  I’m good.

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