#ThrowbackThursday Loves the Sound of the Heartbeat of America

Take a look at the title.

Gee, I wonder what I’ll be touching on this week?

One of my favorite advertising campaign jingles has to be the “Heartbeat of America” from the Chevrolet commercials in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Until I few years ago, I didn’t realize how much advertising can move us in such a powerful way, and for some reason, this jingle really moves me to feel good, and remember a time when we didn’t hear about airbag companies creating dangerous airbags, car companies that are negligent to provide vital information about their cars and the parts they build them with, and just the general state of car manufacturing these days.  These ads take me back to a simpler time, and make me feel good.

It’s probably because these ads really do remind me of my childhood – I spotted a few of the Chevy cars my parents had during this time period – we had the Celebrity station wagon, the Celebrity, the Corsica, heck, we even had an Astro van until seven years ago.  It also helps that there is a Chevy dealer in my area that has the “Heartbeat of America” neon sign inside it’s dealership, and you can see it when you drive by.

Admittedly, I only have a few of these great “Heartbeat of America” commercials, so for this Throwback Thursday, I’m going to share two separate sets of videos – a few commercials plucked straight from my archives, and a great video I found on You Tube of some of the other great “Heartbeat of America” ads.

So, whenever you feel empowered click “play” below, and join me in that simpler time!

And here is that great collection of “Heartbeat of America” commercials.  May this continue to make you feel good!

The “Heartbeat of America”was composed by musician Robin Batteau, and sung by Joey Levine, among other voices who contributed their talents to this powerful jingle.  And set against these powerful images of simple life, one can’t help but remember simpler times.  It really did feel like a different world back then.

And that about does it for today.  But, come back tomorrow, we’ve got another great car-themed commercial set straight from the archives for Flashback Friday.

Have a great day!

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