#ThrowbackThursday Lasts An Extra, Extra, Extra Long Time (And Gives That Little Lift)

Is it me, or do these titles get extra, extra, extra long (time)?

I can feel the hate coming through my laptop screen right now.

Welcome to #ThrowbackThursday, where we dig into the archives of ad wizard glory and pull from our best resources…the old VHS tape collection.

In the last few weeks’ worth of flashbacks, I’ve looked at the horrifying realistic nature of a toy gun (as played with by an almost-teenage Kurt Russell), talking dolls, more talking dolls, juice boxes, and explores the social dilemmas of what it means to be the man who flirts with death in the worst way possible…and the horrors of VD in the 1970s.  These features tend to shift themes wildly each week, and we’re going to take yet another shift…to foodstuff!

This week’s theme is food and foodstuff, and to kick it off, we’re going to look at foodstuff, namely gum.  More specifically, Wrigley’s gum.  Even more specifically, three types of Wrigley gum – Spearmint, Extra, and Double Mint – with a three-part harmony of commercials from 1986!

In our three-part harmony, we’re introduced to several different leads:

Mr. Navy (For Spearmint)

Screenshot (804)

The Outdoor Enthusiasts (For Extra)

And The Twins (For Double Mint)

Screenshot (812)

And while what they do is uncommon, one thing is certain:

They love gum!

Mr. Navy likes Spearmint, the Outdoor Enthusiasts like Extra (’cause it lasts an extra, extra, extra long time, and is made with NutraSweet!), and The Twins prefer Double Mint.

As do These Twins.

Who also prefer the company of The Twins.

Match made in heaven?  Nope.  The Twins keep on keepin’ on, even though the tagline clearly says to “double your pleasure.”

Also doing the whole keep on keepin’ on thing?  This girl, who apparently is Mr. Navy’s muse or something.

Screenshot (816)

Until she drives away…

Who is she, and what relevance does she have here, aside from the fact that she likes Spearmint?

So now, presented for you, three commercials all about the joys of chewing gum.  Clicking play below will allow you to witness that joy.

Pleasure.  And gum!

And there you have it – three reminders to savor the little minty promise of satisfaction you can only get from a great stick of gum.

We’ll continue with foodstuff of the ad wizards tomorrow with Flashback Friday, which promises to extol the joy of something tasty.

But before we go, three reminders:

All of this.  For all of us.

Have a great day! 🙂


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