#NFLFlashback Week 14 – Are You Makin’ Fun of Me?

Week 14.

I can’t believe we’re almost there!

As we move into week fourteen of the flashback, we’ve watched the advertising genius of the Manning brothers, O.J. Simpson, Dan Marino, Frank Gifford…and Dick Butkus.

Does he have a sense of humor about his constant inclusion?  I can only hope.

So if you’ve been following along the entire season (and God bless you for this!), you’re familiar with what goes on around here.  But if you’re just finding your way here, well, you have some reading/watching to do!

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Moving on…

Pittsburgh Steelers Strong Safety Troy Polamalu (and his glorious hair) had a nice time catering to the ad wizards/gods during his eleven years in the NFL.  I personally always enjoyed his wit in every commercial I saw him in, and in this week’s NFL Flashback, I’m going to look back at some of those commercials.  Like last week, it’s not much of a flashback,  but he did have some memorable moments which make him ripe for inclusion here.

Oh, and I spelled his last name correct without having to look it up.


I’m not a Twins fan, but Joe Mauer is hot…just sayin’.

The fact that Polamalu can just materialize into the Twins locker room makes him…magical.  That’s an ability that’s second only to his magical hair.

I totally remember this commercial, which was an inspired take on the “Mean Joe Green” ad from the 1970s, and involves Troy Polamalu taking on the brand managers who are determined to take Polamalu down.  He totally showed them, and yes, the kid still got a shirt at the end.

The progression of Troy Polamalu’s hair getting puffier…and puffier…and puffier.

Say it with me: MAGICAL!

And last, but not least…Troy calls a barber.

Ten years?!  No wonder the barber starts hollering at him in Italian!

And is it me, or is Troy just…very calm?

And this does it for this week, which was sort of a magical week.  Which is appropo for this time of year.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and your team’s game.

As for my losing streak-cursed Giants…maybe tomorrow will bring about a win.

I can hope, right?  Right?!

Oh, and one last thing…

Screenshot (607)



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