#NFLFlashbackWeek 13 – The Manning Brothers Advertise!

Welcome to (un)lucky week 13 of the NFL Flashback, where flashbacks are huge, not everything is about football, and Dick Butkus is the king of retro advertising.

Whether he knows it or not.

I hope the Dick Butkus references aren’t wearing thing by now.

So, if you’ve been here before, and blah blah blah click links blah blah blah get caught up blah blah blah lots of Dick Butkus references.

You get my point.


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So,we’re on Week 13.  My team kinda sucks.  But I still love them, and I still love my Quarterback, who tends to get a bum rap when it’s his defense that’s not doing their job.


So yes, my team is the Giants, and I wear #10’s jersey.  I’m a Manning girl, and not just a lover of MY Manning.  I also like his big lug of a brother.

And that’s where this week’s article is headed.

That’s right, we’re going to take a look at a couple of Quarterbacks not doing their jobs…and instead acting.  They’re hardly the first football  players to do so (ahem, Dick Butkus, O.J. Simpson, and Dan Marino, and to a lesser and more questionable extent, Mike Baab), but they’re siblings, and well, some of this is a flashback.  It’s not all that long ago, but then again, these guys aren’t all that old.

So without further ado, let the Brothers Manning take you on a journey through their past advertising fun/sibling rivalry moments.

Anything you can do, I can do better.

So, Peyton…do you like Super Bowl rings?

*Sigh* Siblings.

(Props for the backside kick from Peyton,  I did this to an ex-boyfriend and it was hilarious…for me, at least).

“Justice is a team sport.”

“What does that mean?”

“He knows what it means.”

Again.  Siblings.

One point for Archie Manning ripping on his kids.

I’ll gladly play Hungry Hungry Hippos with a Manning any day.  Preferably  Eli, but I’ll take both of them on.

That’s a challenge, siblings.

And there you have it – nothing overly old, but these commercials ARE a flashback (after all, lots of Peyton in Colts clothing).

Hope you enjoyed this week’s flashback – we’re on week 13, and we have four more weeks to go!  Have a great day, and as of now, MY Manning boy’s team is actually doing something notable.  I’ll take victory where I can get it.

Have a great day!




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