#ThrowbackThursday – They Put the Fun in Dysfunctional…and Reunite Because They Can!

Don’t you just love a good cat fight?  How about six minutes worth?  Does that do anything for you?

For nine seasons and 220 episodes, the Carringtons and the Colbys proved to be the most dysfunctional families since the Ewings.  And since 220 episodes wasn’t enough, they had to reunite for four more hours of primetime viewing.

And that’s the subject of today’s Throwback Thursday.

Screenshot (153)

For two nights, beginning on October 20, 1991, the original cast of Dynasty starred in a four-hour miniseries that saw the equally dysfunctional families making up, sexing it up, and well…fighting it out.

Screenshot (166) Screenshot (167) Screenshot (157)Screenshot (156)

Because that’s what families do, right?

The miniseries reunited all the major players:

The airing of this miniseries was a way of tying up the loose ends left unresolved by the show’s 1989 cancellation.  This commercial aired three days prior to the miniseries, during the October 17, 1991 airing of Primetime Live.  This was from a tape my parents made, when Primetime Live did a story on radio personality Don Imus.

But why just look at screenshots and read my words…when you can witness the snippets of glorious family dysfunction at its finest?

Ah, family.  There’s nothing quite like them.

No seriously, stuff like this doesn’t happen among friends.  Ok, not among my friends.  I’m not saying it can’t happen…oh whatever.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of advertising’s past.  Tomorrow is Friday, and with that, we will flashback.

Enjoy your “Friday Eve!”

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