#NFLFlashback Week 2 – “Hey, When Did You Get So Interested in Protection?”

The title isn’t what you think it means.

So stop already.

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Welcome to Week 2 of NFL Flashback!  Each week, Allison’s Written Words is combing through the archives, and bringing you something related to the NFL.  The focus isn’t on the sport itself, but on something connected to the league.

In this week’s installment, we’re going back to the year 1986 (I know, I know) and visit with Mike Ditka and Dick Butkus (and witness their awesome mustache powers), who are here to tell us all about protection.  And not the protection you’re thinking of.

Screenshot (21)

I’m talking about their mustaches and their amazing protective powers.  What did you think I was talking about?

Oh stop it already.

Screenshot (22)

“The Protector” is exactly what Ditka and Butkus discuss – it’s a total protection package that protects the paint, leather, fabric, rust shielding, backed by the best warranty.  According to what I’ve found about this service, it is supposed to last for seven years, and is still a thing today, under ECP Incorporated.  And if their high standard of protection fails to keep your car perfect for seven years, there is a way to file a claim.

Because you chose to live where the weather is none-too-kind.  Or that kid meant to ride his bike into your car.

Seriously, he did.

Screenshot (23)

Ditka asks Butkus the all-important question to close out this commercial: “Hey when did you get so interested in protection?”  Butkus replies, “When I stopped wearing a helmet.”

Is that all, Mr. Butkus?  Nothing else you’d like to tell us?

Oh, I know, just…yeah.  This

But don’t take my snarky responses and carefully-molded words for it…watch the video.  Just push the sideways triangle.  No harm will come of you.

And that about does it for this week’s NFL Flashback.  We’re just getting started.

Seriously, there’s thirteen weeks left in the regular season (after this one).  The bye week of my team will be a week off for this segment.  When will that happen? You’ll know when it happens.

So enjoy the game, whatever team you like, and…


Um, yeah.  Go Giants!

Do you like NFL Flashback, the seasonal cousin of Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday?  Do you like nostalgia all the time?  Check out The Retroist, where everyday can be just like these articles.


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