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#FlashbackFriday – Rainbow Brite!

I’m just going to place these right here.

Rainbow Brite Itty Bitty Screenshot (263)

Did you fangirl as much as I just did?

The other night, a friend posted an ad featuring this on Facebook, saying that her daughter (and her) needed this for Christmas:

Screenshot (263)

And this morning, I spotted this in a Google search:

Rainbow Brite Itty Bitty

So, if you can’t already tell, I like Rainbow Brite.  Well, I liked it when I was little.  As a nearly-33-year old who refuses to adult when it comes to nostalgia, this absolutely made my inner child scream.  Heck, my adult self fangirled a little.  Ok, a lot.  But still, fangirling.

Though Rainbow Brite (as a character) has been around since Hallmark introduced her in 1984, she became an important thing in 1985, thirty years ago.  And while she only had a cartoon for 13 episodes (from 1984-1986), she was so much more – two (creepy) live-action specials (the ones with the costume that had limited mouth movements), a feature-length film (which I know I loved as a kid, but would be embarrassed to watch now), and four read-along videos.  Plus, there were dolls, books, games, bedding, clothes…and a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Float.

Absorb that.

Anyway, in the 1980s, Rainbow Brite was a thing, and she was a big thing indeed, as evidenced by some of the fun advertisements I found online.

1985 Ad

Rainbow Brite Books

Video Cassette Ad

$29.95, people.  Again, absorb that.

And of course, there’s the creepier aspects of Rainbow Brite.  Both unofficial…

Screenshot (264)

For the love of everything holy, try not to think about this one too much.

And semi-official.

Screenshot (265)Try not to think too much of this either. Who said this was ok?!

So, on this Flashback Friday, Allison’s Written Words salutes the little girl responsible for bringing color to the world of little girls everywhere in the mid-1980s, Rainbow Brite!

Hope you like to sing along!

Seriously, just sing it.  You don’t want Minimal Mouth Movement Rainbow Brite to find you, right?


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