#ThrowbackThursday – Double Or Nothin’!

Screenshot (256)

Haha, totally lured you in with that one!

So, you’ve seen the hamburger, and if it makes you hungry, then this week’s Throwback Thursday commercial should be delicious.

This week’s commercial comes from the magical year of 1986 (I explained it already, I have MANY commercials from 1986 in my collection), and the introduction of the Burger King Double Deluxe!

This commercial depicts everything coming in twos (think Noah’s Ark, but with people eating tasty cows), while glorifying the concept of the Double Deluxe:

Two all-beef patties…

Screenshot (257)

Screenshot (258) Cheese…two slices!

Screenshot (259)

Two (yes TWO!) slices of bacon.  Proof that even in 1986, bacon made everything better!

Screenshot (260)

Lettuce and tomato*!

*Man not included.

Screenshot (261)

And YUM!

I’m not sure when the Double Deluxe was discontinued, but I’m convinced it exists on the current menu as something different, whenever a limited time double burger surfaces.

And now, by clicking play, you too can bask in the glory of the Double Deluxe!

Screenshot (262)

You’re welcome.

For Throwback Thursday everyday, visit my friends over on Retroist!  Oh, and I’m a contributor there too!

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