Revisited Retroist Articles: Did You Hang Out At “The Treehouse”?

All these videos on computers and the internet, and kids sharing their passion for using such amazing technology in the 1990s really got me thinking about my earliest uses of the computer.

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Pop Culture Retrorama Links- Now On the Facebook Page (And Twitter)!

I’ve decided that instead of linking my Pop Culture Retrorama articles to teaser articles on this blog, I’d rather boost traffic to my blog’s Facebook page.  That said, all new articles I post on Pop Culture Retrorama will now be posted on the blog’s Facebook page, as well as Twitter.

My decision comes on the heels of having to remove 194 broken links from previously-written Retroist articles.  Those articles have been lost since the site was closed down, and since I didn’t claim them when the site was shuttered, I have lost part of my writing profile.  But as I said, I’m looking to boost traffic on my blog’s Facebook page, which has been on an uptick lately.  I’d love to see that keep happening, as well as the continued success and readership of Pop Culture Retrorama!

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