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When You’re Done #FlashbackFriday Around…


…come on over to THIS Flashback Friday.

It’s the only one you’ll ever need!

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday, we saw what Germans do better than staging Romeo and Juliet, and it turns out, they’re better at making beer.

Today, we move on over to Holland in 1988 and find out what THEY do better!

Hint hint, it’s another beer commercial!

In 1988…

We have the dream child of Dennis Miller and Miami Vice who is hip and does everything so eighties, including an answering machine for his car phone.

We also have a guy who lives in the city, with his clothes saying “SAFARI!” and all of his plastic is gold.

So what is the problem with all of this? Click play and find out!

Well, the only problem is that they’ve offended Heineken!

Because “Hip with a Twist” and “The bigger, the better, MATE!” are offensive to Holland and Heineken.

They’ve been doing this since 1873, so they obviously aren’t kidding around.

I’m sure “Hip with a Twist” lasted all of a year.

Simply put, don’t mess with the Germans and Dutch, you’re not going to win!

And there you have it for Flashback Friday two companies that know what they do best and are there for you when you’re done kidding around with your “Hip with a Twist.”

Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday will be back next week to not mess around.

Have a great weekend!