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If You’re A #ThrowbackThursday, You Have One Thing On Your Mind…


Like, for instance, “why is it only Thursday?”

Actually, office supply costs are on the noggin.  Specifically, where to buy them from.

Solution: STAPLES!!!

This commercial (from 1997) was to promote the company’s phone order system which guaranteed free shipping over $50.  Twenty years later, this is still their standard.  I do use Staples on certain rare occassions, but only when I know that I will reach $50.  There are times though that we send people to Staples with our company card, because let’s face it, there are times when this store really is the gold standard for office supplies.  It is where I did all my school supply shopping, it is where my dad did all of his home office supply shopping/faxing/copying, and let’s face it, brand recognition.  Plus, they always have great commercials.  Nothing was more true than the ones in the 1990s.

Like this one, for instance…

Now, if you’re an office manager/orderer of the office supplies, you have one thing on your mind: cost effective supply ordering genius.  I’m not an office manager/supervisor, but I am the orderer of office supplies.  Which means that on some level, I can relate to the subject of today’s Throwback Thursday, Office Manager Linda…

(Pictured: Linda)

Linda has a very important duty: save money on office supplies.

Especially when they are being misappropriated by her co-workers.

But not to worry, Linda!

Click play and find out how she saves the day!

Can I just tell you this is the supply closet of my dreams?

Right on, right on Linda!

Now, let’s discuss this…

Maybe he likes value too?

Now that we have an insanely well-stocked supply room, we know we’re saving money to make that happen, and we know how much goofy ties cost, we’re ready to move on to Flashback Friday and another tale of Staples being reliable for certain things.

Find out all about that tomorrow!