Allison’s Written Words Taste Test: Limited Edition Blueberry Pie Oreos

I’m an adventurous eater by nature.  My basic rule of food enjoyment is that if it isn’t too exotic, bizarre, or mobile and noisy, then it is edible, and therefore, something I will try.  I have a particular weakness/fondness/obsession with snack foods.  What makes snack food so tempting, besides sugary awesomeness?

“Limited Edition” written on the package.

Oh yes.

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On #FlashbackFriday, Ain’t Nothing Like a Real Meal Deal, Baby (And What A Taste!)

I’m convinced I’m just dead set on ensuring that my titles are longer and ridiculous each week.

Well, we made it to Friday.  If you live in my corner of the world (the real one, not the one in my head), it’s a snowy Friday morning as I write this.  And nothing goes better on a snowy day than comfort food.

In keeping with this week’s theme of food/foodstuffs, we’re staying in 1986 this week (for the millionth time, what a surprise!), and visiting three fast food restaurants that are Not McDonald’s (they’ve been covered in the Throwback and Flashbacks before), to check out their great deals.

So let’s partake in some tasty deals, shall we?

We have three restaurants –  Roy Rogers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Burger King.  And this is what they’re promoting:

The “Real Meal Deal” from Kentucky Fried Chicken contains enough chicken and sides to feed four people, Roy Rogers promotes its bacon cheeseburger combo for $2.99, and Burger King is promoting the realness of it’s all white meat chicken tenders.

They’re all a Real Meal Deal with what a taste (accept nothing less!), and my friends, ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.

But why take my words for it, when you can watch the glory of Not McDonald’s before your very eyes?

What A Taste!

Ok, ok, fine, I’ll be quiet.

And there you have it, your week-ending retro fix.  Throwback Thursday AND Flashback Friday will return next week, same Allison’s Written Words time, same…you get the point.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, friends!