Update – Will Ferrell Movie about Ronald Reagan

This was supposed to be a Facebook status, but I’m not huge on publishing long statuses.  To me, those are blog posts, not short and sweet observations.
None of this is based on political affiliation (Yes, I am a Republican), but rather is based on human observation.

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#Alzheimers: It’s No Laughing Matter

I’m so mad right now. It’s taking every effort to calm myself and force myself to relax  enough to write out my thoughts on what you’re about to read.  But, I promise one thing: I will state my opinion with the utmost dignity and respect, in the style that my readers have come to know.

If I lose followers because of this, I’m fine with that.  I’m prepared for any backlash.

But consider the subject before judging or lashing out on me or my reasons for even discussing this issue.

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