Make Sure We Have a Backup for #ThrowbackThursday…

And not a 1970s couple that sings.

Though I will admit, this is pretty entertaining. Who needs a backup for O’Neill when you can have smooth 1970s love songs from Captain and Tenille?

Not to mention smooth moves like this.

Love will keep us together…until it doesn’t.

Christmas is officially underway on Allison’s Written Words, with something Christmas-esque at every turn, up until the day. We need it in times like this, and at the time of today’s commercials, we needed an escape as well.

Today we go back to December 1, 2001, where the commercials are Christmas-esque, the Pentiums are fourth generation, the cell phones are attempting to show their dominance over land lines, and Chris Evans was ten years away from being the first Avenger.

Couldn’t come soon enough.

Anyway, today’s commercials come from the December 1, 2001 episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by New York Yankees Shortstop (and at the time, future Captain) Derek Jeter, and recorded from WNBC 4 New York.

Commercials in this block include…

Smooth 70s rock (and not the backup), Shaggy giving a very “Boombastic” gift, superheroes who lack in looks and charm, but make up for it with purses, a classic Christmas commercial that never had to update its look or feel, Pentiums of the Fourth Kind, Jamie Lee Curtis selling cell phones, early 2000s technology that gives little glimpses of THE FUTURE (!), and Lord of the Rings tie-in merchandise!

We’ve got movie, video game, and television episode promos, technology, and end-of-year car deals.

It’s 26 minutes of 2001 commercial goodness, and it is awesome!

I loved this episode of Saturday Night Live (for obvious reasons), but the sketches were so good. When I was copying the tape a few weeks ago, I was laughing so hard at the sketches.

I mean, he played a Yankee wife…

Had a hair don’t…

Played an Iglesia brother…

And even owned his own taco restaurant!

That restaurant is “where we wanna go,” if only to see Derek Jeter dressed as a mariachi singer.

I mean, can next week’s host, Hugh Jackman, peddle tacos too?

There’s plenty of things he can do. Tacos optional.

We’ve officially kicked off the Christmas season here on Allison’s Written Words, and we’ll keep the fun going for Flashback Friday as well.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!


  1. Don’t they still play that Hershey Kisses commercial? Did you write an article about that? I had a palm pilot, I remember you had to learn a new alphabet to be able to write on the screen. Good times!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I thought it was one of your articles where I learned that it was an old commercial that was brought out year after year (you’re always teaching me something). They should never alter classics like that. There’s a junk yard around here that’s been running the same commercial since the early 80’s and 2 years ago they decided to “update it” and completely ruined it. Luckily with the internet they never really go away anymore.

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