It Wouldn’t Be Home…Without #ThrowbackThursday

And it also wouldn’t be home without today’s product.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

When I was looking through my collection for a “Thanksgiving” commercial, I was coming up a little short. However, I did find something that had the look and feel of Thanksgiving (thanks to 1001 Classic Commercials!), complete with the meal and all the trimmings, which includes a certain condiment that is the subject of “which one is better?” debates.

This commercial makes sure we know it is the best, hands down, no debate. Because it isn’t home without it!

The year is 1980, the theme is family gathering, and their condiment of choice, from sandwiches to certain salads, is Hellmann’s mayonnaise!

I’m thinking this may be more like the introduction of a new baby, or a christening party, but everyone’s dressed up and it just has that “Thanksgiving” feel to it. What do you think?

Even Grandma loves babies…and mayo!

But hopefully, not babies slathered in mayo!

Before bringing out Hellmann’s meant “bringing out the best,” home wouldn’t be, well, home, without Hellmann’s on the table for all your sandwich needs.

Hellmann’s, which is more than mayonnaise (it’s ketchup, mustard, sauce, and salad dressing too!), was introduced in 1913. These days, it is owned by Unilever (previously sold by Bestfoods Corporation prior to 2000), and sold under both Hellmann’s and Best Foods. East of the Rocky Mountains, Latin America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, India, and South Africa, it is all about Hellmann’s, while Best Foods rules the the day west of the Rocky Mountains, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The brand identification is the same for both brands, just the name is different depending on where you live. All marketing for both brands are the same, and are distinguishable on the company’s website.

Years ago, where I work, we had a lunchtime debate about mayonnaise – the “Hellmann’s vs. Miracle Whip” debate. Nothing fancy, just a few women who lunched together discussing which brand they prefer. For me, Hellmann’s was what I grew up with – it is in the potato salad my mom (and my grandma before her) makes, and I prefer it in my tuna, chicken salad, sandwiches, and coleslaw. It is definitely biased, mostly because I’ve never tried Miracle Whip, but I know what I like, and what I’m comfortable with eating. So Hellmann’s it is!

Like I said, this commercial really isn’t Thanksgiving-related, but Oddity Archive featured it as part of a riffing video of Thanksgiving commercials. Apparently, this fell on his radar of Thanksgiving, so I can allow it into my article on a technicality.

Is that mayonnaise on the salad and vegetables? Because…ewwww!

Well, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we’re on to the excitement of the other time-honored (for some) Thanksgiving tradition…shopping!

Not this year, because we’re living like it’s the 1980s and waiting till tomorrow to begin shopping. We’re officially kicking off Christmas on Allison’s Written Words next week, but tomorrow, it’s all about Black Friday and the consumerism kick off of Christmas.

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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