#MusicMonday – December 9, 2019

Continuing on through A Very Allison’s Written Words Christmas, another Christmas song, this one equal parts wedded bliss and Christmas.

When I got married (just about six months ago!) I entered the room to “Canon in D Major” which is the standard of weddings, whereas “Here Comes the Bride” had always been the tradition.  I’m hardly into tradition, but I would never have walked in with anything less than “Canon” leading the charge.

When I was in college, long before I met my husband, I remember hearing today’s song on the radio during the holidays, mixed in among the traditional Christmas songs.  This one was just as beautiful as any of the “beautiful” Christmas songs, but also felt more dramatic.

“Christmas Canon” is a single by Trans Siberian Orchestra, from their album The Christmas Attic.  Though recorded for the 1998 album it comes from, “Christmas Canon” was actually released as a single in 2001.  A rock version, more in step with the music of Trans Siberian Orchestra, was released in 2004 on The Lost Christmas Eve (the album famous for unleashing “Wizards in Winter” on the world, and the Christmas light show-loving public).

I didn’t know there were two versions of this, since I’ve only actually heard the original.

So, in the spirit of all things Christmas, here’s the original…

…and the rock version, called “Christmas Canon Rock”!

As of November 25, 2016, according to Neilsen SoundScan (an information and sales tracking system that tracks music sales in the United States and Canada), “Christmas Canon” has been downloaded 918,000 times, which places it at seventh on their list of all-time best selling Christmas/holiday digital singles.

As for chart performance, in 2005, “Christmas Canon” was #39 on the US Digital Chart, while it reached #9 on the Holiday 100 in 2011.  The original version gets regular radio airplay during the holiday season, and it is on my playlist of Christmas music.

We’re continuing the countdown to Christmas on Allison’s Written Words – 16 days and counting!

Have a great Monday, and enjoy the very merry music!

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