#MusicMonday – December 2, 2019

It’s A Very Allison’s Written Words Christmas, and I wanna see Christmas through your eyes.  Your eyes being Music Monday, of course!

Welcome to the start of the Christmas season at Allison’s Written Words.  Personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year for writing, as it is a great source of personal nostalgia and memories.  I’m planning to share some of those this month with you, as well as some cool finds from the archives, and of course, plenty of Christmas commercials, all leading up to Christmas Day!

We’re kicking it off with Music Monday, and a song about wanting to experience things the way children do, a desire to see the holiday their way.

“Christmas Through Your Eyes” is a single by Gloria Estefan, from her Christmas album of the same name, released in 1993.  Written by Estefan and songwriter Diane Warren, this song is an original Christmas song surrounded on the album by traditional Christmas songs that ever artist who has ever put a Christmas album has covered.  This song was previously released with a different instrumental arrangement on Estefan’s 1992 Greatest Hits Album, which was the version of the song that I knew since my mom had the cassette tape of the album.

Back then, I never really thought of this song as a Christmas song, since I listened to this cassette so often outside of Christmas.  Whenever I heard it on the radio during Christmas as I got older, I realized this wasn’t just a song that mentions Christmas, it was a Christmas song.  It definitely reminds me of the feeling of the holiday.

When I was trying to find something to use for the featured photo, I looked to my own personal photos from Christmas past, specifically this one.

Allison, Christmas 1986 (age 4). Photo: Venezio Family Collection

That’s an excited kid at Christmas!  And this song definitely fits the bill of feeling that way all over again, whether its Christmas or a normal afternoon of looking for writing ideas.

The album Christmas Through Your Eyes reached #43 on the Billboard 200 Pop Album Chart, #9 on Billboard Top Holiday albums, and #12 on the Top Pop Catalog Albums.  The single was the double A-side along with “Megamix” in Europe (a single highlighting some of Estefan’s earliest dance hits).  These days, it gets airplay alongside classic, contemporary, and novelty Christmas songs.  It is beautiful and has the tinges of nostalgia one would feel when thinking about the love of Christmas.

Allison, Christmas 1986 (age 4). Image: Venezio Family Collection.

The adult version of this Popple pajama-wearing four-year-old sees it.

Have a great Monday, and enjoy the music!


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