Halloween Memories: “The Ghostbusters House”

Happy Halloween Eve, friends!  How about a pre-Halloween story?

Last year, I contributed a Halloween memory to a podcast full of Halloween memories by my fellow Retroist/Pop Culture Retrorama contributors and friends.  The guidelines were to keep it under three minutes, and to tell a story about a Halloween of your youth.

Image: Pinterest

Naturally, I was all too happy to contribute my story of “The Ghostbusters, House,” aka a neighborhood home with an interesting Halloween display.  The story happened on Halloween 1993, when I was eleven years old.  I did forget to mention one thing about this story – I was a baseball player for Halloween, wearing a ridiculously large amount of layers because Halloween in New Jersey isn’t exactly warm.

I absolutely love this story, and writing it out does it no justice whatsoever.  This is the story, in my words, recorded in September 2018 for the podcast.

Coming up tomorrow, the traditional Allison’s Written Words Halloween contribution, as well a new Throwback Thursday commercial pick!

Happy Halloween Eve!

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