The Official #ThrowbackThursday Of The Davis Family

It’s Throwback Thursday, and we have a family of product endorsers bringing us into the end of the week!

Today, we’re going back to 1988, to a simpler – and more minimalistic – time of advertising, when tight shots and faceless promoters were normal and accepted in the promotion of products and services.

It’s a story of the birds, the bees, National Geographic, and breadcrumbs. Sounds like the most happening dinner conversation ever!

I mean, my family had some fascinating dinner conversations when my brother and I were growing up (I dated a guy who couldn’t believe the conversations we had!).  Nothing vulgar or outright bat poop crazy, but I guess we felt we were normal.

Anyway, the birds, the bees, a family, and their favorite breadcrumbs!


Actually, it’s a day in the life of The Davis Family – Greg, Irene, their son Michael, and his sister, who knows a thing or two about the conversation Greg wants to have with Michael.

The Davis Family also knows a thing or two about foodstuff; specifically, they have a brand they claim as their official brand of foodstuff products.  Today, it is breadcrumbs!


Find out about the foodstuff brand -and their dinner conversation – when you click play!

The “Davis Family” was a series of commercials 4C ran during the 1980s and 1990s.  They promoted the many foodstuffs of 4C, including breadcrumbs.  The advertising during the “Davis Family” era was really minimal – no music or flashy visuals – just the family and close shots of the product.  In fact, we don’t really know what the family looks like, since we’ve never seen much more than their hands, torsos, and sometimes hair.  They were an extended family that appeared in the commercials.  I’m not sure when they stopped promoting the products, but the last commercials I remember aired in the late 90s.


As for 4C, they’re very much still around and prominent on grocery store shelves.  Even their packaging hasn’t changed, but I don’t really recall seeing any of their commercials in the last 20 years or so.  So maybe after The Davis Family retired from product officialness, 4C pretty much sold itself.

In fact, I saw their breadcrumbs on the shelf in Wal-Mart when I was grocery shopping the other night.  Nothing really has changed about the product’s look or package design.  They’ve also kept up their breadcrumb game with Panko, so you know they keep up with the times.

Of course, The Davis Family didn’t just promote breadcrumbs – they also promoted a product that is the subject of tomorrow’s commercial pick.

Hold your suspense until then, and have a great Throwback Thursday!



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