Give #FlashbackFriday A Hug, and She’ll Light Up and Play Christmas Music!

Give me a hug…and you’ll have something else coming to you!

It may or may not involve Christmas music.


We’re at eleven days and counting on our ongoing countdown to Christmas!

Yesterday, on the first day of Christmas, Hallmark gave us Rodney and Rhonda Reindeer! We’re continuing on theme of cuddly Christmas-themed characters with a commercial from 1991, and a doll brought to you by Disney!

Mattel had a concept of “hug the doll, and she lights up” in 1989 when PJ Sparkles was introduced to the masses of little 80s girls who loved dolls.  Seven-year-old me wanted PJ Sparkles that year, and Grandma and Grandpa delivered.  There is a Christmas photo of me holding the doll, which I loved and played with for a few years.  In 1991, Mattel took that concept and gave not only a Disney twist, but also a musical and cuddly twist.  Oh, and they added Christmas to it.  Because why not.

The result? The Holiday Minnie Doll!




Find out what the “WOW!” factor is, by clicking play below!

Holiday Minnie Doll was introduced by Mattel in 1991, but was only made for that year.  Her light-up features are not unlike the earlier PJ Sparkles.  But where PJ Sparkles lacks in cuddly nature (vinyl/plastic doll), Minnie is cuddly.

And she plays music.

And introduces you to animated Mickey Mouse!


Making friends you can believe in…and not be convinced you’re hallucinating!

As I said, this doll is a rare one.  The going price on this doll in the Amazon Marketplace is $195.  And according to the description, she plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and not something Christmasy.

I’m actually feeling a tad bummed, I mean, this is a holiday-themed doll and all.  Shouldn’t she play something Christmas-esque, instead of something every other musical non-Christmas doll plays any time of the year?

Maybe it is just me.  But still, kinda depressing.


But she’s super cute, so there’s obviously alot to love about her!

I won’t dwell on the little details, so this is probably the best time to wrap this up.

Oh, one other little detail….was that Tom Bosley’s voice?  Because it sounds like him.  Or just a really good sound-a-like!

Ok, now I’m done.

The countdown to Christmas continues on Allison’s Written Words.  Next week, we move into the final stretch before Christmas, with more music, facts, commercials, and other treats along the way.

Have fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend! 🙂

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