Scared #ThrowbackThursday…for McDonald’s!

Six more days till Halloween, my friends!

I’ve been having a blast coming up with Halloween-themed article ideas.  So far, I’ve come up with music, facts, and even a prompt.  I’m not done yet!  We’ll be keeping the fun going right through Halloween!

In keeping this haunted train going, we’re dipping into the commercial archives for a spooky treat!

McDonald’s is a regular visitor on this blog, making several Throwback / Flashback appearances, mostly holiday-related.  Back in the 1980s, every child-friendly primetime special was sponsored by McDonalds.  My December 1986 recordings of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (both airing on CBS) have sponsorship bumpers to that effect, and even that overly sappy commercial where the child falls while ice skating, only for Ronald McDonald to give him a lift.  From a sappy standpoint, it is a tearjerker.  From a cynical standpoint, everyone is all too happy to believe Ronald McDonald is not wholesome.

Good lord, people it’s a commercial/advertising mascot.  Let it be!

Anyway, today’s commercial (from magical year 1986…again) is the Halloween equivalent to that sappy ice skating commercial.  Except instead of needing a tissue, this commercial is funny.

You can even say you’ll be…


…watching it.

Yeah, yeah, cheap joke.  I’ve got plenty of them!

Anyway, Ronald McDonald…and the talking Chicken McNuggets!




What are they cooking up on this Throwback Thursday?

Why, click play and take a look!

McDonald’s is all about convenience.  Why make it yourself when you can have it made by McDonald’s?


“Scared Silly” was McDonald’s 1986 Halloween commercial, and featured an appearance by the adorably delicious-looking talking nuggets, who were a mascot for the fast food chain throughout beginning in 1985, and continuing until 2003.  They were cute, funny, and had enough appeal to be Happy Meal Toys.  I remember a Halloween-themed toy that my neighbor had that had snap-on Halloween costumes (hers was a witch).  I looked into it, and the McNugget Buddies got the Halloween-themed toy treatment in 1993.


How cute are these?!  We could play with our food, dress them up, and we wouldn’t be told not to do either of these!

Happy Meal indeed!

As we leave the labs of the Chicken McNugget Buddies and their secret sauce concoction, we’ll move ahead to Friday.  Come back tomorrow for another Halloween-themed commercial from the archives, as we inch one day closer to the holiday of witches, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and Chicken McNuggets dressed in their Halloween finest.



So cute!!!!!!!!

Anyway, have a spooky Throwback Thursday!  See you tomorrow!

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